Episode 2

Published on:

13th Oct 2020

Upgrade with Michelin Star Chef Suvir Saran's recipe of success

We are in conversation with Chef Suvir Saran. The man who went from being a visual arts student to becoming a Michelin Star chef and putting Indian cuisine on the world map. 

In this episode, Nakul chats with Chef Suvir about his culinary journey, his take on pet-friendly restaurants, reality cooking shows and how technology has made cooking accessible for the masses to explore. Tune in to find out Chef Suvir’s favourite kitchen gadgets, food apps & what makes him an Apple fanboy! 

A bonus - his favourite restaurants in India.

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Upgrade with Nakul
A podcast about technology in our lives. This series has been conceptualized to offer the listeners a peek into what goes on behind the screen, not just of our special guests' gadgets, but tech in general.
Hosted by Nakul Kumar, this podcast will feature some interesting personalities from various domains of life. From sportsmen to artists and entrepreneurs, we'll speak to a line-up of unconventional people. What will always remain constant is our focus on how technology shapes their lives and their go-to hacks & tricks. We will explore their unique relationship with technology and try to soak in all that can enhance our and our listeners' relationship with technology.

Hacks, tricks, insights, upcoming tech or innovations, you name it and we'll have covered it in this stream. So sit back, relax, plug in your earphones and let the fun begin.

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When not coming up with killer ideas to help the users of his co-founded app, Cashify, Nakul Kumar is a full-time tech aficionado, a cook, a proud dad, and a gaming geek. Of late, his super-honest "2-minute reviews" on the latest smartphones on YouTube have turned him into a tech influencer to be reckoned with. Through his new podcast on The Podium, Nakul aims to change our general view of the world of technology and disruption. Lend him your ears and we're sure you'll go back with your own tech eureka moment.